Dear old & new friends:

We believe it is critical to take a stand. By taking a stand, we voice an intention. By voicing an intention, we are called to take action. By taking action, we move to create impact. A movement of people creating positive impact will change the world. For that reason, we ask you to stand with us.

Tell us: What do you stand for and why?
We will be collecting responses to create a community-generated #WeStand resource to inspire, connect and empower our community to courageous action. Your responses will additionally inform various programming and opportunities at our Impact Hub locations for 2017.

With love & respect,
Impact Hub DC, NYC, San Francisco & Berkeley
*Our four Impact Hub locations are a part of the family. We’re proud to be in a network of 80+ Impact Hub locations around the world. We encourage you to discover and connect with your local Impact Hub community space. 
Tell Us
I stand for:


(Bonus Question) This is an action that I recommend:

Ex: point to a specific action, video to watch, article to read, guide to follow, quote to feel, report to read, an initiative to learn about, a story to hear, etc.
(Bonus Question) Impact Hub can best serve me in this way:


*You're welcome to not provide a name if you'd prefer to remain anonymous.
Do you permit Impact Hub to share your responses as a part of our 'We Stand' project to inform, inspire & empower our community to take courageous collective action?

If you're willing to share your responses but would prefer to remain anonymous, please check yes & leave the name field blank.
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